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Sleep Narita    youtube

whileiwaswasting    youtube

In Lovemotion    youtube

Tertium Karma    youtube

Neuro-Prescription    youtube

To find out more songs, Check my soundcloud

works about songs

game - booster:reboot - Cross Heaven/mastering several songs (service disabled)

arrange - 불후의 명곡 : 전설을 노래하다 (KBS2)/ 장미여관 - 김삿갓    youtube   naver-tv

game - protocol:hyperspaceDiver - Impedance Lab    app-store   google-play

game - hotel sowls - BGM and foley    steam   switch

offer library music - KSL Starcraft Season 1    youtube

producing - The Scene - Sailin’ / Night Call    spotify

works about session

불후의 명곡/ 장미여관 - 김삿갓 (Techition / Synth Programming)    youtube   naver-tv

Studio3Tone - Losing Scene of You (Guitar Recording)    youtube

MikuWallets/Magical Live Concert (SFX / Synth Programming)    site

KARUT - Programmed Emotion (Guitar Recording)    trailer

Studio3Tone - Stay, Dance (Guitar Recording)    youtube

Aintion - Silent and Gray[MY FEED](Feat.7OAST) (Guitar Recording)    youtube

Movie 'Perfect Algorithm (Foley Design / Scoring / Mixing)    exhibition

works about programming (w/ audio technician)

max patch ‘retrigalizer’ (demo)    youtube



Hello, It’s 7OAST. I started musical activities with keyboard or guitar session for several indie bands. Now I usually compose and arrange electronic and band music.

Also, I'm always interested in audio engineering and programming, so I'm creating effectors and plug-ins separately.
You can look at the side projects in the programming category.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact me using the bottom contact menu. Thank you.
안녕하세요. 7OAST입니다. 여러 인디 밴드의 키보드와 기타 세션 활동을 시작으로, 현재는 주로 전자음악과 밴드 음악 작/편곡을 하고 있습니다.

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